Elegnano shoes Elegnano offers elegant, exclusive women’s shoes of the highest quality for women that are fashionable and graceful, but also know what they want in life. Elegnano lives by the motto: float like butterfly, sting like a bee. Walking through life effortless and elegant, but strong and sharp at the same time. Elegnano wants every woman to move gracefully through life – like a fairy or a butterfly – without exchanging elegance and femininity for comfort and resilience. Technological innovation and modern design make this possible. Elegnano is literally, and figuratively a fusion of elegance and nanotechnology. The designer Katrien Herdewyn’s fascination for shoes started at a very young age: The four year old Katrien built a shoe shop in front of the garage and spent hours underneath tables in aisles to look at the shoes of people walking by. In 2010 she graduated as a civil engineer with a master’s degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the University of Leuven. The Italian craftmenship and high-tech innovation are brought together in unique designs. The design studio is based in Belgium and pay a lot of attention to the right fit and materials of the shoes.


ELEGNANO Laura – Closed loafer with special asymmetrical décolleté


Coming soon – AW1617. Closed loafer with special asymmetrical décolleté in black and beige with low heel (4,5 cm). The shoes are made with high quality leather (100%) and treated so cleaning is no longer needed. The available sizes are 35 until 40.




IT 35, IT 36, IT 37, IT 38, IT 39, IT 40, IT41

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