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Ifsymptoms persist, replace the tonercartridge. Ed Level 3 Expert Answers. A caution provides additional information which,if ignored, may result in equipment malfunctionor damage. NOTE Retain period input range is between 0 and 31 days. Starting with the cyan image drum unit nearest the fuser, replace the four imagedrums into the drum cavity, making sure to locate them in the correct order. If the sheet is low down in this area and difficult to remove, it is probably still gripped by the fuser. The manufacturer also cannot guarantee that changes in software and equipment made by other manufacturers and referred to in this guide will not affect the applicability of the information in it.

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Holding the new fuser by its handle, make sure that it is the correct way round.

Push the colored release lever 1 away from you to lock the toner cartridge murxtec the new image drum unit and release toner into it. Never expose the drum to direct sunlight or very bright room lighting. If the LED above the button is not lit, that function is not available, e. Check the F-code box number and print the stored document.


Muratec Cyan Drum Cartridge Mfx-c3400 # DK 3400c

Telnet Disable, Enable Enables or disables Telnet config. The phone book screen displays. Open the multi purpose muratc. Summary of the content on the page No. Installing Drivers and Utilities.

White spots and lines appear in solid printing. Featuring a murwtec design that easily accommodates high volume prints, the MFX-C is an exceptional multifunction printer designed to streamline day-to-day workflow without compromising image quality.

This allows you to control the process whereby a document is scanned and then the scanned data is sent as a fax. Pressing this button switches the power save mode on or off. From the touch screen, press the Reception Mode button.

Page 74 of Muratec All in One Printer MFX-C User Guide |

The Document Glass Use the on-screen keyboard to enterthe required profile name. As for Paper Black Setting above.

Setting up the Actkey Utility1. US Bond Tabloid 11 x 17 inches Executive 7. Initial Set UpThe following parameters must be set before using the fax function on your unit: Type in the fax murwtec destination Name.

Muratec MFX-C Manuals

Appendix A – Moving And Transporting From the Setup screen To assign a fax destination number to a speed dial entry: In this case the scan module may not feed documents smoothly. Press Close on four screens to store the new setting and exit the menu. Holding the top-center of the cartridge, lift the cyan image drum, complete with itstoner cartridge, up and out of the printer. Using the numeric keypad, type in the password and press Enter.


Page 24 Multi Purpose Tray1.

Mugatec Document s on the Scanner Glass1. Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Muratec MFX-C To File Document s Via Intranet Time Setup user defined Enter the current date and time using the numerical keypad and the on-screen arrows.

Murata Muratec MFX C3400 Supplies

They should also be of the rectangular flap type, with glue that remains intact when subjected to hot roll pressure fusing used in this type of unit. Select required number from the list then press the Start button to manually redial. High, Mid, Low Select key touch tone. Contrast DialAllows you to adjust the screen contrast as required.