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Default is not to disable image display nobenchmark. It catches the correct phase when it finds it, but this option can be used to fix the possible juddering at the beginning. This will be fixed for h p by changing the quantizer per MB in the future, msmpeg4 cannot be fixed as it does not support that. The following keys are valid only when using a hardware accelerated video output xv, x vidix, x mga, etc , the software equalizer -vf eq or -vf eq2 or hue filter -vf hue. Channel 4 and 5 will contain silence. How to change the brightness? Only supported by very few OpenGL cards.

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Filter selects among t and b on a frame by mppayer basis by analyzing the images and selecting the alternative that produces best match between the fields.

Problem with mplayer SDL control key assignment

The following keys are valid only when using a hardware accelerated video output xv, x vidix, x mga, etcthe software equalizer -vf eq or -vf mplayef or hue filter -vf hue.

The delay in ms that should be imposed on each channel floating point number between 0 and Too high of value will cause noticeable skips at high scale amounts and an echo at low scale amounts.

Observe that if media containing two channels was played back, channels 2 and 3 would contain silence but 0 and 1 would still be swapped. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. This is the default if “D” is used to enable deinterlacing. The TV norm depends on the capture card. If the sample rate of the sound being played is lower than the center frequency for a frequency band, then that band will be disabled.


Used during de-interlacing of unmatched frames. In verbose mode add -v to the MPlayer command lineall available controls and their valid ranges are printed.

Problem with mplayer SDL control key assignment

Can also be these special values: This should be useful together with the customprog and the TXB instruction to implement blur filters with a large radius. A signal strength higher than this value will indicate that the currently scanning channel is active.

Then selects the best type with SATD metric. Changing playback speed, would change pitch, leaving audio tempo at 1. Provides brightness, contrast and saturation control.

Regardless of this option, macroblock types p16x16, b16x16, and i16x16 are always enabled. Use a single sample to smooth the variations via the standard weighted mean over past samples default. I have gotten errors just like yours, but they have been have been temporary, I have attributed them to the inadequacy of the system itself.

Explain what this does. Gives very good results concerning speed and output quality as interpolated picture processing is done in hardware. It is something like arcade: Instead of using player keys, libdvdcss will crack the disc key using a brute force algorithm.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – Mplayer in console mode.. use=SDL emerge crashes.

This will improve the stereo or surround sound experience. This could be used to filter movies that are broadcast on TV at a frame rate different from their original framerate. See the console output for a list of available TV norms.


Values not divisible by 16 may cause issues as well.

If given, number in movie URL will be treated as channel position in channel list. In this case it is recommended the lists be put into a JM format CQM file and loaded as specified kplayer.

Some libraries contain only one filter, but others contain many of them. So in principle you first have n numbers saying what to do mllayer the first input channel, then n numbers that act on the second input channel etc.

Filter selects among t, b and p using image analysis only. This mplaeyr contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

[Mplayer-users] MPlayer and SDL

This problem can be worked around by upsampling the sound using the resample filter before it reaches this filter. Default is 0 jplayer disabled. The following options are only useful if writing your own fragment programs.