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It is a usb2. I think the stick just isnt powered. Steam added Dualshock 4 compatibility last December. Submit a new text post. I have the same thing how could madcatz who promoted the ps3 fightstick worked on PC when I bought it back when SFIV first came out make such a stupid choice and not release any kind of driver update to enable it to work on AMD or Nvidia chipset motherboards.

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I’ll try that driver but I can’t see it working. Got results from your local tournament? With my old mobo the front ports didn’t even detect it, but it worked fine with the back. I think the stick just isnt powered.

Any news from your agent? Once you see the directional inputs and buttons working in config you can use Joy2key and are good to go. Last edited by GstringBass ; Nov 88388, 4: Nah that Xbox pad thing doesnt help. Report them here and compare with players from around the world!


Super Street Fighter IV 4 Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition Ps3

Last edited by D-Proto ; Nov 27, I also have a PS3 TE stick btw. It’s known that PS3 Madcatz TE sticks have problems with some mobo’s, i was 88838 that wouldn’t be the problem. Originally posted by paul:. Make sure if you update the adapter if you get it though, else you will get the timeout issue on PS4. Buy this cheap USB card and it will fix your problem for sure better than buying a stick http: I had to do that to get my ds3 to register in my computer in general for any game. Maybe it is best to sell the crosshair to someone else, who has the time and the nerves for it.

I have shared a video on Youtube with you. I thought usb 3.

Capture Data has been send to you via email. Maxcatz Antiriad, Yes, i realized this post has not been replied for many days, although we find a similar model, “Madcatz Fightstick Pro” and support itbut that can not solve your problem.

With this one all ports detect it but the buttons don’t work. Hi Richard, I recaptured the data again on PC like you told me.


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Need help to get Madcatz SFIV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition working , Reasnow Forum

msdcatz All I can say is, that it is not working. If its a first generation TE, Madcatz decided to use 1. And all works fine until step 9.

March 29, It is a usb2. Depends on the exact hardware combination involved. I then used xce app to map buttons etc which worked nicely. Thanks for the help. That should allow you to use a Brooks PS3 to PS4 converter, as an alternative to all that nonsense above. Want to add to the discussion?