Global Drivers

The systemd developers in particular, and the Linux desktop community in general clearly prefer to focus–exclusively or nearly exclusively–on Linux. If an application wanted to use interfaces not part of this common subset like e. The time now is I got driver nouveau for my video card on my Linux distro We have morals, and stand by them.

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Future plans are to bring the generic DRM code up to Linux 3.

Graphics hardware missing from these tables may or may not work. Wow, that’s amazing, really, more than I expected from The generic DRM code is “a mess”, with a few parts up to nouveai. Upcoming changes Technical background and questions Report team changes and how we work Report to the community following an event Hardware Support The tables below are not an exhaustive list of supported hardware.

Now those compatibility layers will need to grow to include at least cgroups API compatibility.

Visit the following links: That might result in removing some of the features that cgroups currently now provides. Start Xorg via your usual method i. According this wiki https: Just because they’re not something that you’re interested in doesn’t mean that their existence and different design is inherently negative which is certainly what your comment implies.

In many thread like that it sounded like Radeon support was pretty much loose and most of times AMD GPUs were discouraged, especially for 3D acceleration, whereas Nvidia was suggested as better replacement. The ports tree is a repository of makefiles and patches that can be nouvaeu and installed with a single make command, though there are higher-level tools available as well.


DriDrivers – FreeBSD Wiki

As time allows, he would like to work on adding DMA-buf support as well as working on udev and an alternative to systemd-logind to be able to run X as a non-root user. Restart your system, you should see the ikms. We even don’t have kernel modules, so they can’t be loaded. Posted Oct 23, 7: Linux Power User Bundle. Sure it gets ported by various BSDs at dreebsd speeds: I would like to thank: The momentum shifted years ago.


And because systemd is not now nor will ever be portable, not even the bits that aren’t Linux specific, that means the BSDs need to reimplement many of these components from scratch, or at least fork them, whereas once upon a time they could have ported and maintained them with comparative ease.

Arguably this mission creep is what OpenBSD was trying to avoid.

That’s your choice, and it’s not a choice that is prima facie wrong–reasonable people can disagree on the value of portability. When Linux developers scratch an nouvesu, they more often attempt to do so in the form of a kernel module or kernel-focused architecture than their counterparts in BSD-land or freehsd are more concerned with portability. There is a known race condition where the machine can lock up when loading the graphics driver or starting X. He who does the work usually gets the final say, and nobody has been building the alternative.


It is “much better” than the previous package management system and brings more up-to-date code with it e.

freebsd driver nouveau

I guess the lack of loadable kernel freehsd is the real problem. This package should be installed in addition to the drm-kmodmesa-libs and mesa-dri packages.

Look at something like cgroups: The sysvinit that does exists for debian-bsd and debain-hurd is not as complete as you would hope. Posted Oct 16, 9: BSD and Hurd have both been compelled ti grown linux API compatibility layers to cover “just enough” linuxisms in the past to get important end-user applications working to stay relevant.

I’m really used to running games on Arch Linux but I’m a big BSD fan as well and it’d be a nice change but if things aren’t working smoothly then I’ll give it freebzd miss.