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I think now though my Klpisch are in a different league altogether. You need to have a new passive or active crossover. Posted March 2, So you added two new drivers in each speaker? BTY, I forgot to mention. Interestingly, the freq response cannot explain the difference in sound that I am hearing.

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Not sure how to post pictures directly into the post, but here are the links.

Posted January 13, Thank you, that does help. I can get a use pair for about 8K, which is 4. I like them a lot. Both will be better than the Radian I think.

D | Hz to 20kHz Horn Driver | Fostex America | Level 3 Audiovisual

Or is the driver you placed on top of the cab the new horn? It is almost plug and play. So you added two new drivers in each speaker? The only thing is to use shorter mounting screws as the ones that come with the Radian driver are tool long to fit the Klipsch’s plastic horn.

Superior sound quality, unparalleled power handling, extended high frequency response, and high reliability make Radian compression drivers the preferred choice of loudspeaker systems manufacturers, consultants, contractors, designers, and engineers around the world. Posted February 2, I was actually able to take it apart.


Mounting hardware is included. Delivery Options see all. Phenolic diaphragm for smooth, natural sound.

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Or is the driver you placed on top of the cab the new horn? The original is a 1.

FEA-optimized ceramic ferrite magnet materials produce the driver’s high flux density, and a copper cap on the DE85TN’s pole piece reduces inductive losses and extends high frequency response. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has looked inside the RF7iiis or can share any pictures if for any unlikely reason it has been disassembled. Looks really cool would love to hear it. Skip to main content. The best way to answer your question would be to try and listen for yourself.

Thanks for the replies! Item Location see all. I have heard that the original RF-7 dipped down to 2. Since I have just replaced mine, I know the hole pattern and size is exactly the same.

Does anyone know how or if it is easy to take out the compression drivers on Klpisch RF7 ii’s. Already have an account? Fostex d has the exact same mounting holes, 3 of them. They also do sound as good at low to moderate volumes as they do loud. You can for example look at JBL synthesis array horns.


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I have removed the crossovers altogether and am using an active crossover. It is almost plug and play. However, the original crossover may be specifically optimized, in terms of sound, for the original driver. I think it should be significantly better for the mids and mid-hgihs and mellower on the higher end.

I wanted to share this with all of you. You May Also Like.

I have to say that the sound is significantly more refined with this tweeter, no harshness at all, with lots of transparency and freq extension.