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Erm what happens if you select 4. Posted Mon 07 Jun 10 2: Maya 44, has only digital output. So I play a song from winamp. I am affraid that there is something wrong with my proccessor. I use my computer for my work.

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DVDdoug on However, I did a test using Rightmark.

I try that but there is something we didn’t consider. I bought it because ESI was on of the first companies who released drivers for windows When this proccess finished and I ‘ve got the same level of experience index I have maya 44 and is working very nice with w7 I got mayas since win xp and always the best easy to use sound card for me. Just a few words like “maybe your IRQ are not correct – some incompatibility with the motherboard Still the problem persisted.

I have the same problem. I just set up buffers to and been playing almost an entire long album without problems seems to be that too low latencies as you said before might do it and luckily the card ins’t sharing any IRQ with anything else gonna go ahead and try some asio apps later on, thanks for the heads up it looks like this works on PCI, FIREWIRE and USB Inferfaces.


All of them, operate with Windows XP or Vista. Wln7 me and the them asus. I asked them to use teamviewer in order to check and maybe solve my problem and they said that “we only support by e-mail”. No help at all. I must say a big “thanks” to you for the idea.

If you ask for help, from ESI Juha on Their answer remained the same. Maya 44, has only digital output.

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ESI Maya 44 [solved] – Page: Hi, I too have experienced the “metallic” distortion sound. After the installation, MAYA 44 had the same problem. One computer started with this maua one day “out of the blue”. Just like my case. I have never once come across a problem whilst using the esi maya that has been related to the esi maya only problems with virtual dj.

ESI – Download: MAYA44 MKII

Posted Thu 20 May 10 2: I can’t test that. They only help you with stupid advices.


I have two ESI maya 44 pci cards. So pitty, I gave them my money in the past. Latest drivers released one month before.

I had two computers, both had ASUS motherboards in them. So I play a song from winamp. The most strange thing on ESI is the after sales support.

So, I ask for a technical support from ESI. After reboot – everything is fine until the moment when I try to run simultaneously WinAmp and Cubase, for example. Like me and the them asus Posted Sun 06 Jun 10 9: