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The earlier Capcom system board , the original CP System or CPS-1 , while successful, was very vulnerable to bootleggers making unauthorized copies of the games. Can someone confirm this is the real fix? The relationship between the A and B board is basically the same as that between a home video game console and cartridge. When I try their clones, they work fine. I was able to crash a clone of SFA sfar1 as well, so it might not be specifically a parent issue.

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I’d assume the majority of testers have pentium Links to custom software such as exploits, decryption tools, etc. However, in Januarythe CPS-2 Shock group [3] was able to obtain unencrypted program data by hacking into the hardware, which they distributed as XOR difference tables to produce the unencrypted data from the original ROM images, making emulation possible, as well as restoring cartridges that had been erased because of the suicide system.

Capcom Arcade system boards. In AprilEduardo Cruz, Artemio Urbina and Ian Court announced the successful reverse engineering of Capcom’s CP System 2 security programming, enabling the clean “de-suicide” and restoration of any dead games without hardware modifications. Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. Can someone confirm this is the real fix?


I’m building a symbols build in hopes of getting some backtraces for these crashes. Please follow the rules of reddit Linking to copyrighted ROMs is not allowed. This is NES Classic modding community, with the basic rules set as: Marvel Super Heroes vs.

I noted OP has Athlon as well – is there a possible relation? Children of the Atom. Fixed by Firewave 0.

I can confirm that gsound. Viewing Issue Advanced Details. Clones don’t appear to be affected.

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The Lord of Vampire. The earlier Capcom system boardthe original CP System or CPS-1while successful, was very vulnerable to bootleggers making unauthorized copies of the games.

It answers common questions. Want to add to the discussion? Retrieved from ” https: Xps2 Fighter Alpha 3. This is known to hobbyists as the “suicide battery”.

How to make CPS2 and Mame work : nesclassicmods

I can’t make MvsC and Tumblepop work on the Nes. Support questions need to be posted here thread or will be deleted. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It’s an not so obvious issue. As time passes, these batteries lose their charge and the games stop functioning, because the CPU cannot execute any code without the decryption keys.


Submit a new text post. There are no relationship linked to this issue. Street Fighter Alpha 2.


Clash of Super Heroes. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.

Archived from the original on They all start to load black screen then they abort back to either the front end or the command line.