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Now I tried Battlefield 4 and played for over 40 minutes, 2 full games and didn’t get kicked. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Latest version of DirectX see this page http: Then a 30 hour download for the game. In the mean time I think I may have more of a chance with you guys. It’s certainly not a hack m8, don’t worry about that, i and many others will i have no doubt been kicked with this message, the only thing i did was update my PB but if you want to know more about stuff like this ie what it is and what causes it, it would probably be better to Google the error, you will get more sense out of people who have had this than you will get from Punkbuster. I use it to switch between Headset and normal speakers Headset has its own Soundcard, Plantronics Gamecom

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Only alternative I have now is to re-install operating system from scratch and install apps one by one by one and check if PB kicks me out.

Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. January – last edited January Im getting kicked about every round since installing windows 8.

Does anyone know anything about this? Have had it for at least 2 years since BF3 days. Tried taking off mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, shutting down all background processes that I dlsallowed, but kept getting the same errors.


No I went to their website and downloaded pbsetup or something or other. PunkBuster kicked player ‘DonCarriere’ for 0 minutes It comes down to when PB started to kick for it, i also have auto hot key, got the same kick as you, stopped using it and i have not had the kick again. Only problem my laptop overheats after 20 minutes and shuts down.

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Well lucky I have a bought version of the game. DO NOT Copy my posts even with credit it is best to do your own work and write ups when helping another to show you fully understand what you are posting.

And it explains why it’s only started happening recently, i. I have been running this configuration with BF4 for at least 10 months running just fine. This kick from PunkBuseter just started in early December. And I have many, many other games as well.

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Yes that is what I did, I reinstalled everything this last weekend. From TidesofChaos If you figured out the problem and have everything working again, then what is the point of this thread? Updated gfx card drivers all to no avail. The list they gave is only a beginning but for me was of no help.


Auto hot key Sulkoy said: January – last edited January Sign up for free! Now I tried Battlefield 4 and played for over 40 minutes, 2 full games and didn’t get kicked.

Ok just got kicked again so it seems that didn’t sort it. Message 9 of 10 2, Views.

I thought I had it, removed more programs. I’d be great admin gave precise reason why Ikcked was kicked! Glad you got through it. I can see this is going to be a huge pain in the butt disableing every single program one by one Message 8 of 10 3, Views. Message 4 of 10 5, Views.

Punkbuster kicked me. “No Packet Flow” :: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare General Discussions

I ccall BelArc to take a snapshot of my system so I can keep track if anything changes. I appreciate the effort to reply to me. So I’m just trying to help other people.