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You may be able to find the old M board on ebay on the cheap. Im trying to find a motherboard for my asus g2s currently, thai soup damage A pity that was not more often, or for a longer life. Similar Threads – Asus Graphics card. At any rate, to the OP, I feel your pain

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Jeff, I have had a similar experience in dealing with support.

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Hi and welcome to the forums. I have browsed around and learned that Asus will not release the needed components for this laptop. Or underclocking it to M performance What Notebook Should I Buy?

Trying to see if I could order one and have a computer y2s friend of mine install it here to save the laptop. The graphics card has a high probability of failure.

Do you already have an account? Between Msi and Asus HenrisDec 21,in forum: PNMar 9, Yes, my password is: The amount of video memory in the graphics card is only part of the equation for determining the GPU’s performance.


I have not mentioned however, when working, the G2S is a powerhouse fideo many tasks. Any thoughts on my next move to get this resolved would be appreciated.

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My Laptop has low hours on it and the Probe utilitie I always used it would tell me if it was heating up or not so I found it best to run it in balanced mode. If only a few I may take a chance on a MB off Ebay. Asus has a lot of good reviews and happy users out there, but I’m going to steer clear of them after this.

Let me add my story here – G2S-X1, had it for less than a year and a half about 16 monthsand had severe heat issues, followed earlier this week by a dead graphics card.

A pity that was not more often, or for a longer life.

They were notified and did nothing. Discussion in ‘ Asus vdeo started by PNMar 9, Are all these models having problems or just a few? Now I am without a bad laptop that is virtually brand new. Yes, that was the G2SG.


I am so pissed off I could shoot the damn thing. That is my personal email and I will get it right away.

Share This Page Tweet. At any rate, to the OP, I feel your pain In short, we are up a river. I did find used MB’s for this model on Ebay.

What can I do about the fact they did not honor the warranty? The product runs hotter [stock] than many other laptops run under full load. Sir Punk Aug 19, If you cannot return the laptop, then make sure to post up in the owner’s lounge and read through solutions to common problems you may face.

The US has a better reputation than other regions, but is not especially quick or thorough to the degree of Dell or Lenovo.