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Should I make the clock with the PIC?? Am I wrong about that? This quite strange because the datasheet of this component tells that the L B only has 16 pins, the one with 20 pins is L E, so I don’t know if my circuit has the diodes integrated. This results on a bad functioning of the stepper 2 steps forward and 1 bacwards. Now you must find out the stepping sequence. Hi, To control multi stepper, you need a decoder like 74LS85? An alternative real ‘wheel’ is a smooth sphere that simply sits beneath the real of the stepbot.

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Best regards, Pedro Cardoso. The right one uses smaller 5V steppers from a small printer. Unipolar 4ph stepper motor control 5. Add a delay between each step. The line is approximately 5 mm wide.

If anybody would help me would I be very thank full! The switches have been salvaged from an old VCR. The middle one has its electronics on a small PCBthe two steppers and a battery pack in a small gray case. You see, I have two motors running in oposite directions and diferent speeds, so we should use one pic for each motor, don’t you 16f884a so?


> circuits > 16f84a stepper motor control l –

So I think it must be the motor or the fact I am using a L with a unipolar stepper. Notice how good looking this board is.

Any connected maze can be walked by following the wall with your left or right hand. The maximum resistance will be the end-to-end measurement of the series connected coils.

Click here to register now. Thank you again for your fast reply. Don’t expect miracles from this simple hardware: What I want to do is to control several motors at the same sstepper and with diferent speeds. Essentials Only Full Version. When I connect the stepper motor it runs, for example, 3 steps in one direction and another in the oposite direction.

School project pic 16f84a and steppermotor

I wanted to keep te stepper running for 5 seconds and stopped for another 5 seconds, but instead of this, the stepper runs forever. You can do this by hand, using a 12 V power supply watch out for the spikes when you remove the power from a coil! A more interesting but still very simple robot follows a line on a piece of paper. The front wheels are taken from broken office chairs.


How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? But my finally question is: That is you have to put the diodes to your board. Hi, I disconnected the common wire and it worked!!!

Stepper Motor Control Using PIC16F84A & ULN2003 – v1.5 – TEC 585

Both use 12V steppers from 5. Similar procedures are available for half stepping and for stepping backward. Yes it’s alright, nobody have the time to check a code, so it’s fair you either does: Im going to try the part 4: It is not succesfull because the steppers do not deliver enough pull and I could not find a suitable rear wheel.

A toothpick in its path can be enough to block it. A strip of self adhesive staircase grip paper around the wheels improves the grip on smooth undergrounds.

The delay can be varied to find the minimal step interval which can start the robot.