The keyboard and the touch pad harmonize well with the AR51M’s total appearance , and their user-friendliness could also convince. The hardware ensures good office and multimedia performance. Furthermore, it is located relatively far to the back of the base unit , so, requiring some adaption time. However, if you demand more 3D performance, especially for current computer gamesthe Geforce M GT is not really first class. Especially in ideal mode you can hardly hear the notebook.

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Both of the touch pad’s button are at the front edge of the notebook and there integrated in the surrounding molding.

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At acuter angles, looking from bottom upthe display darkens. This presumably lets the notebook appear somewhat big and cloddy. But, this is only a minor aspect for DTR notebooks.

Pcf-8z2m homepage Sony notebook section. While the base unit is rather stable at the front and the bottom side, clear deformations can be observed at the top side near the backwhere the notebook also clearly yields by applying force. Still, sony vaio pcg-8z2m are the video outs? The advantage of this sony vaio pcg-8z2m is clearly the look of the notebook, because the hook nowhere interferes with the the straight and simple design of the notebook.

Sony vaio pcg-8z2m, at a closer look, you’ll find a cover at the right side and behind there a modem and LAN port. It would not be a Sony notebook, if sohy weren’t some fine design aspects.


The layout of the provided keys appears to be alright, however, it is seems possible rather dense in the strictly rectangular opening.

The display is again relatively robust and the display cover is very resistant against applied forces. Still, it is reasonable, to stay next to a power plug.

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Another aspect, which lets the Sony AR51M appear so big, is presumably the sony vaio pcg-8z2m keyboard without separate numerical pad which sony vaio pcg-8z2m nearly a little small in relation to the big case.

Be this as it may, with reduced power demands an unplugged operation of one to two hours is quite realistic.

However, it is less suitable for games. While some predecessor notebooks came with glossy surface, the AR51 series does it completely without this scope of design.

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The size of the keys sony vaio pcg-8z2m alright too. However, you should consider that the glossy surface leads depending on the brightness of the environment to more or less heavy reflections.

At acuter angles, looking from bottom upthe display darkens. Especially the location of some ports near to the front at the right side, can cause limitations of the available area of operation right beside the notebook. Sony ;cg-8z2m Sony notebook section. There are some USB ports 2 relatively unreasonable at the right side near the sony vaio pcg-8z2m ports and a kensington port at the left side.

Especially in ideal mode vaaio can sony vaio pcg-8z2m hear the sony vaio pcg-8z2m. Menu Skip to content Home Search for: The maximum contrast of Pcg-8zm characteristics of the provided display are brilliant brightness and intensive colors.


The transport hook is a single fold-out hook in the base unitwhich is not completely centered. These get even obvious at the first glance, when the AR51M is just sony vaio pcg-8z2m on.

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If you do not want to miss out gaming performanceyou can choose the AR51SU model instead, which not only provides a high-resolution WUXGA display, but also a M GT sony vaio pcg-8z2m cardso, current games should be playable with smaller restrictions. Under load it is empty in just 35 minutes. In contrast to many other competitors, who always provide newest and most powerful video solutions, Sony only provides a little bit lower video performancewhich is in turn optimized regarding power consumption and heat emissions for each of its notebooks and mostly also perfectly utilized regarding performance.

In order to not disturb the elegant sony vaio pcg-8z2m of the notebook, Despite the hinges are attached in the usual way, the display is moved a little bit to the front during opening – an elegant solution. Despite sony vaio pcg-8z2m separate numerical pad is not provided, the keyboard is user-friendly.