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Will Swift let the. Posted August 22, It was there held by us that “the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County had jurisdiction to entertain a bill for an injunction to restrain a nuisance, or a threatened nuisance, directly affecting property in that county, although the defendants are non-residents of the county. Now I can use the. Cited By 1 This case has been cited by these opinions: The object of the writ is preventive and it wards off the injury. We can only support the stock standard.

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In the case of Baltimore City v.

ACT mode and record all noises, but I want to have the. Those about to engage in what is claimed to be such a nuisance as would justify relief in equity might reside in a remote part of the State, and might come to Baltimore County with their scows loaded with garbage and unload them, or begin to unload them, yet the County Commissioners, acting as a board of health, could not enjoin them until they could arrange to have a bill filed, process issued and served at a remote part of the State, if the appellant’s position as to the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County is well taken — notwithstanding the Legislature has authorized the board of health to file a petition for an injunction in that court or m210 one or more of its judges.

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I know many recorders create non-standard. The demurrers, of course, admit the facts alleged in the bill which are well pleaded, and if the results of disposing of the garbage at the place and in the way alleged will be what the bill alleges, md21 were undoubtedly impending dangers of very serious consequences, from what it was alleged was going to be done. CourtListener is a project of Free Law Projecta federally-recognized c 3 non-profit. Huse, has not any means or machinery whatever for the scientific or other reduction of said garbage, or for its sanitary disposal.

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The next question is, then, whether the bill made out a case for the relief prayed. Need to listen and transcript minutes taken from meetings. The plaintiffs are the Board of County Commissioners of Baltimore County and ex officio the Board of Health for that county, in which 1228 named capacity the bill was filed. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. By NjaybeJuly 29, in Discussion about the many different audio file formats. The first reason assigned is that it appears on the face of the bill that neither of the defendants is resident of Baltimore County, and no facts are shown which give the court md201 over them.

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The right of the city to establish, both within and beyond its limits, hospitals and pest houses for the isolation and treatment of contagious and infectious diseases, was fully recognized, but we affirmed a decree granting an injunction to prevent the city from placing and keeping a woman afflicted with leprosy on a twenty acre tract of land, owned by the city and adjoining property of the Fairfield Improvement Company. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

In Hamilton Corporation v.

It is further alleged that the garbage “is the refuse from the kitchens of Baltimore City and consists of animal and vegetable matter in various stages of decay and putrefaction”; that the garbage to be collected and sent by scows to the wharves under said contract will average at least tons per day, or a total during the ninety days of at least 11, tons; that the said Huse has not any means or machinery whatsoever for the scientific or other reduction of said garbage or for its sanitary disposal, and that this fact was well known to the city at the time of entering into the contract; that “it is proposed by the said Huse, with the assent of the said Mayor and City Council to spread said garbage or to sell as much as he can for spreading, over the territory and land of Baltimore County, adjacent and near his said wharves for fertilizer purposes.

It is true that an injunction operates in personam, but it did in the Sackett Case, and the jurisdiction was sustained — not because it was a proceeding in rem, but because the res which the alleged nuisance would affect was within the jurisdiction of the court, and entitled to the protection of that court. Cited By 1 This case 182 been cited by these opinions: It may be that an answer or answers and testimony will present the case in a very different light from what it now appears to be, but when the city admits, as its demurrer does, that under the contract referred to 11, tons of garbage were to be hauled 1288 scows, then unloaded on these wharves, to be spread over the land adjacent and near the wharves, within a few miles of where about thirteen thousand people live, besides many others having occasion to go there, and that it will prove a source of disease and pestilence and a menace to the health of the people, that the garbage will continue to ferment and decay and “will become a breeding place for billions of flies and other noxious insects that are carriers of disease, and will result in the spreading of disease, principally mmd210 and kindred sicknesses and the contamination of springs and water supplies,” it would seem that the parties who are alleged to cause such conditions ought at least to be required to answer.

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Hi I have a mp3 player for recording of sound and only support act format m210 computer, can anybody tell me if this is possible to convert to wav format. I have a mp3 player for recording of sound and only support act format in computer, can mf210 tell me if this is possible to convert to wav format. Will Swift let the.

Nor should we lose sight of the allegation in the bill that until recently the Mayor and City Council disposed of the garbage on a farm owned by it in another county, which has a water front, wharves specially adapted to the unloading, storage and handling of garbage, and that the contract with Huse was the outgrowth of a desire on the part of the Mayor and City Council to dispose of the city garbage as cheaply as possible.

We rely on donations for our financial security. Now I can use the. In order to justify the continuance of an injunction against the city in this case, there must be clear and positive evidence calling for such interposition of a court of equity, and the danger to the health of the people of the county must not be merely speculative but established with reasonable certainty, but, as the case stands now, we feel that the defendants should be required to answer.

Posted October 8, The case of Baltimore v. We must assume that the plaintiffs were acting in good faith and in the discharge of what they believed to be their duty as public officers, and not to embarrass the city or unnecessarily interfere with its officers in discharging their duty to the public.

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Even though the player has.