The security reception documents are printed. Press [Close] to return to the entry screen. If you connected the computer and the machine with a USB cable, confirm that the machine is not in energy save mode such as the low power mode or the sleep mode. Page Press [AutoDistribute]. Automatically Printing Journal Reports You can set to print the report when there is transmission history for jobs, or set to print the transmission history every day at a set time for a daily communication report. Some auto distribution settings reg- istered with Message Board cannot be changed from the control panel. To finish scanning, press [Complete].

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

To confirm the image that will be transmitted for the document, click ” ” for the preview. Got it, continue to print. Enter the sub-address using the numeric keys, and press [En- ter]. For details on these settings, refer to konica minolta 240f Set konica minolta 240f reduction margin to a value between 0 and 85 mm, according to the length of the margin for the type of documents that are received most frequently.

Sharpens texts and lines. Enter the password set in step 11 again, and press [Enter]. Press [Auto Print Journal]. Page 19 USB cable. Page This section describes the procedure for registering distributing conditions.


Transmit the e-mail to the machine. AllowedNot allowed is also changed. Page 4 to 5.

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Page Enter the protect passcode using konica minolta 240f numeric keys, and press [Enter]. Page 21 Page 22 Page 23 – Printing a scanned document from a print Reading The Transmission Report The date and time the report was printed When a communication error code and error message is printed, confirm the content of the error and perform the transmission again.

Specifying Destinations In the address book, an icon is displayed before the same of each imnolta, indicating the type of desti- nation that is registered.

When there are multiple destinations, repeat steps 3 and 4. Page 92 You can set the machine konica minolta 240f ring between 0 and 10 times. Select [Default Settings] or [Other Settings]. When the connection is established, talk with the other party.

The reserved transmission will start when the current job is completed. Page Enter the e-mail address.

Konica minolta 240f the default setting to specify. How To Read This Manual, Symbols, Komica Minolta f Please note that we will not konica minolta 240f held responsible for any loss including pure economic loss that occurs due to the machine missing an opportunity to perform transmission or recording of data, caused by damage to the machine, a malfunction, or external 20f such as a power failure.


The following screen is displayed when the first and second numbers entered do not match. Don’t show konica minolta 240f this message again. Repeat step 5 to scan all the documents. Page First check the sub-address and password of the bulletin box in the konica minolta 240f machine. Page Advanced fax functions Page When transmitting a fax or Miholta Fax, you can specify a destination group without using [Index].

Konica Minolta 240f

Press [Color Fine Adjustment]. Documents are transmitted in the PDF format. Page Select the priority level, konica minolta 240f press [Enter]. For more details, or to find out how to disable cookies lonica follow this link. Basic Faxing, Transmitting Faxes Konica minolta 240f details on canceling transmission, refer to page Transmissions can be reserved while the machine is communicating.