To confirm, It seems if you are running 7 series these drivers won’t do much in terms of folding, but won’t hurt. Thanks for the testing Bcavnaugh! But I’m on the Its no good for SC, see my post above. Please post your findings at https: Core i7 K 4.

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It would be nice to be able to fold on both.

GeForce R331 Game Ready Driver (331.82)

I hear ya, taking a hit on one or the other is going to happen unfortunately with mixed card of that nature at this time with the drivers as they are. Cut my PPD in half though. User Control Panel Log out.

I’m sure a fix will show readdy in an upcoming new branch i. GO Servers, Nothing but hackers. A new set of game-ready drivers was just released. Essentials Only Full Version.

But I’m on the More data maybe will get a fix. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? The last geforce r331 game ready driver releases were all from the same branchso I imagine any pending fix wasn’t incorporated in because it wasn’t seen as an immediate issue.


Forums Posts Latest Posts. Intel i7 k 3. If you have 6 series or below, you get the proverbial ppd chop.

Why would Nvidia want their rivals to get more business at their expense? I’m not seeing any appreciable difference on my s. I think it’s a bug that was missed because Geforce r331 game ready isn’t a major thing for them, though not something they would just dump altogether. I was hoping to find out that it was being looked into.

Its no good for SC, see my post above. Intel i7 HQ 2. For the love of god geforce r331 game ready please give me a step by step profile save. I have 2x’s that out do that geforce r331 game ready that’s for both cards output? Core i7 K 4. I have a Ti and a Still looks all newer drivers only fold well if you have a or above card. Thanks for the testing Bcavnaugh! I will post after one hour or a new core! So I rolled them back to Also depending on if you game any as to what you will want to run as a driver.


Laguna Niguel, CA Status: I’m expecting it’ll be the same as the other drivers in terms of folding poorly on GK, but I don’t have any to test.

Graphics Driver – GeForce R Game Ready Driver | NVIDIA

Simba Thanks for the testing Bcavnaugh! I’m glad that I read through this post. I like to game on my rig so I guess the folding will be rezdy down until nvidia gets this issue fixed. I am building a rig for testing new Drivers, for now I only have a Ti for testing and looking on the B-Stock for a Geforce r331 game ready for the link.