Jun 17, Posts: Thanks for the help so far. I believe the instructions clearly state this. I have the option to return this mobo and exchange it for another mobo. Chimera Ars Centurion Registered: I’ve built two identical systems for friends in the last couple days and they work fine.

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ABIT NF7-S2, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

I’m going to setup the board again in a more methodical manner to try and pin down the problem. Abit nf7-s2 2, Posts: Still, it won’t hurt to try your abif CPU I mean, hell, reseating again could suddenly fix it for all I know but I was abit nf7-s2 this was it Nothing ever comes up and it will do that forever.

I abit nf7-s2 the video card in a different computer and it works fine, so it’s not the video card. So, I go home to try this on mine. Chimera Ars Centurion Abit nf7-s2 Thanks for the quick replys, guys.

ABIT NF7 Mainboard Specs – CNET

Jan 2, Posts: Tue Mar 15, 5: Sun Abit nf7-s2 13, 9: Fri Feb 18, 7: Could abit nf7-s2 be a problem? Right before when the WinXP loading show come up, it goes dark and nothing happens. I know that fail-safes are loaded so this may be normal for the way the BIOS is setup. I have no idea what is happening but am much more comfortable with this kind of problem as I know the I don’t have memory or processor failure, as both showed up fine along with abit nf7-s2 IDE devices in the BIOS.


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Results 1 to 10 of It should overclock just fine, then, assuming the only major difference is the lack of multiplier control. As per unplugging PSU: Damn, can’t believe how obvious that is. The beep codes would abit nf7-s2 you exactly aabit the problem is if you could be bothered to abit nf7-s2 to them.

I have the option to abit nf7-s2 this mobo and exchange it for another mobo. Otherwise, repair install is OK, you won’t loose anit data, if you want to be sure you can plug hdd in some other box and backup data.

But that means a lot of extra money spent on delivery and the possibility that it could have worked pretty good anyway. I finally got one with a similar problem to mine to work by clearing abit nf7-s2 CMOS for a little over a abit nf7-s2.

Military necessity does not admit of cruelty nor of torture to procure confessions. Quality power is often overlooked. Originally Posted by bandicot. Did you abit nf7-s2 the beep codes on the link I abit nf7-s2 or abit’s site?


I’ve built two identical systems for friends in the last couple days and they work fine.

Assuming the HD was good. I’m almost positive that the second picture in that link is how my mobo is layed abit nf7-s2.

I don’t want to put a bunch on there if it’s not the issue. Could be something is shorting out MB touching metal in abit nf7-s2.