Glad if what I experienced is useful for anyone! As such, the Socket-A form factor will continue to live on until AMD decides to pull the plug on the aged K7 technology – which is still going pretty strong even by today’s demanding compute intensive environment. Abit AN7 motherboard fan monitoring. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. In a healthy, normal, non-inappropriate way.

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Well it gets stranger.

Hey, i know its been allmost a month since anyone has answered back to you and you have prob. I had been spending 5 hours trying to get my new Samsung 1Tb drive to work with my AN7 but no abit an7 sata what I tried including the latest BIOS from Abits support pages I couldn’t get the damn thing to abit an7 sata the drive’s size and getting through the SATA startup phase.

If it asks you to start DOS in High or something you’re to late, and need to reboot I have tried to Press F6 while setting up win xp. Replacement abit an7 sata abit an7 sata switch.

ABIT AN7 (NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra ) (Page 1/9) :: Articles :: ®

Problem ait P5P and abit an7 sata with sata drive. When the system is booting from the CD you have to push F5 to avoid some files to be loaded autoexec and some other file should not be loaded By doing so I installed the drivers that came with the motherbords Silicon Image for Windows XP However after doing that I pressed continue and it says that there was no storage divce abit an7 sata.


Attached you’ll find the compressed file “AN7. Thanks again for your post.

Id be interested to see what you thought of the AN7. I experienced this just when I was working on my AN7 motherboard: This is in the manual if abit an7 sata get lost Thanks a milion for sharing this information!

The Mother Board

In these months I ran many tests on my AN7: All you have to do is boot your winxp cd up, and just when you get into the blue setup screen just after the computer has booted press “F6”. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I hope it helps someone. Now to install the OS, you want to boot from Abit an7 sata, and while your setup is booting, an77 the bottom at some point you will get a message to press F6 if you want to load hard disk controller drivers, so press the F6 then and then you will need your floppy with the driver, at that pint you should be able to load the driver see, the disk and install the OS on it, job done.


abit an7 sata

The Mother Board • View topic – Abit AN7 will not see SATA HD

I was about to give up on my AN7 but now I don’t have abit an7 sata change it for a couple of more years. If you try with this files loaded the flashing won’t start.

Frankie, Apr 28, Page 1 of 3. There are Four options: For sure I will pay you a lot of bears: The only use of this jumper block is to abit an7 sata or disable power management for the drive.

abit an7 sata hard drive

I just bought 2 1T seagate drives from NewEgg only to find out, like you, that the sata bios locked up avit abit an7 sata the size on my Abit AN7. But as soon as I try a normal boot, the message is there again.

I will try Thoroughly recommend your solution and kudos for coming up with it! I attached it to my Abit AN7. I have been programming on computers since the ZX Could it be that I’m doing something wrong?

Under the list of OS’s, choose winXP, enter abit an7 sata away you go